Dryad Maxi Limited Edition Mulberry Blush

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Mulberry Blush
    1. Limited Edition 🏹Mulberry Blush🏹 available this month only! Hurry, get yours before she’s gone… ⏰

    2. Get lost in elven woodland found just beyond rural towns and villages. Seek out creatures of myth and legend to dance with during long campfire-lit sunsets. Travel well-worn roads that go everywhere and nowhere in this skirt inspired by our long-lived friends.

    3. The Dryad Maxi Skirt is an additional garment that matches another style in our range of romantized clothing: the Elven Summer Dress. By having these two garments, we can offer our fans more options and versatility for their closet. The Dryad Maxi Skirt has a floating belt that is attached on either side of the hips, giving the appearance of a separate accessory on top of an elegant skirt.

    4. Combine the Dryad Maxi Skirt with any style of shirt or blouse to achieve different looks. Don a pair of elf ears or elven ear cuffs, grab your new Elven Summer Skirt, and add a ruffled off-the-shoulder blouse for the ultimate forest elf villager style. Of course, this skirt isn’t just for elves! There’s no reason that you couldn’t dress the garment up for a visit to your local castle ruins or dress it down to prance and dance around your home

    5. About this skirt:
    6. Stylish crêpe overlay that falls over the hips.
    7. Pockets for pretty things and spare change.
    8. Soft V-shaped floating belt.
    9. Pagan-inspired embroidery.
    10. Pockets!
    11. Elasticated back to create the best fit for you.
    12. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    13. Ethically handmade in India.
  • (Photographed on a Size L dress form)

    1. Waist (un-stretched) S/M: 32” | L/XL: 40" | 2X/3X: 46" | 4X/5X: 46”
    2. Waist (stretched) S/M: 52” | L/XL: 62" | 2X/3X: 46" | 4X/5X: 70”
    3. Hips S/M: 62” | L/XL: 72" | 2X/3X: 82" | 4X/5X: 82”
    4. Length (front) S/M: 32” | L/XL: 31.5" | 2X/3X: 31.5" | 4X/5X: 31.5”
    5. Length (rear) S/M: 38” | L/XL: 37.5" | 2X/3X: 37.5" | 4X/5X: 37.5”
    6. Hem Circumference S/M: 114” | L/XL: 125" | 2X/3X: 140" | 4X/5X: 140”