About us

Since 2001 HolyClothing has empowered women of all body shapes to realize their fantasy in our one-of-a-kind Renaissance, Wiccan, Viking, Celtic & Boho styles. 

Our Values & Mission:

Do the right thing.

We treat you the way you want to be treated, like a dignified human.

Produce ethically & inspire others to do likewise.

Realizing your Fantasy and being true to yourself is always better. But not at the expense of others. That's why all HolyClothing is Ethically Made with all artisans earning a living wage. 

Make products that last.

We create timeless, durable styles that can be enjoyed for a decade or more. From our fabrics to our embroidery and stitching, HolyClothing is made to last.


An open letter from HolyClothing. Ethically Made is the New Normal

In this often chaotic world, we find calm and stability in our relationships with others. We believe these fundamental human values apply to everyone, from all walks of life, from all countries. We also feel strongly that the current situation has made human values more important than ever. We believe the stronger our human connections, the more happy we are & the more resilient we are in dealing with the chaos around us.

We hear a lot about ‘New Normals’ these days, and we truly hope the New Normals will improve upon the Old Normals. In order to build a happier and more resilient world, we truly hope that Ethically Made will become one of these New Normals.

Why Ethically Made? Because having a compassionate connection with the men and woman who make your clothing matters. It matters because having this connection brings us closer, makes us more resilient and promotes happiness.

What does Ethically Made mean at HolyClothing? Here’s our Ethical Ethos, one that we hope can inspire others:

Pay a living wage to all artisans & employees. Aka don’t be cheap.

Source from countries that support the same human values that we do. Aka don’t source from countries that use forced labour to produce clothing.

Be compassionate and treat all artisans & employees with dignity. Aka some recent examples at HolyClothing: going above and beyond by not only paying employees during lockdown, but feeding them and providing shelter for them too. And the food was delicious 😋 

Know your employees by name. All HolyClothing is produced ‘in house’ by our own artisans & employees. This is the only way to truly know who’s made your clothing. Aka stop outsourcing. It costs more. It’s slower and you’ll never know who truly made your garment.

Hoping that more than ever, whenever possible, you’ll continue to make the world a little bit better by choosing ethical brands and by helping to spread the word.

🙏 The HolyClothing Team