About us

Since 2001 HolyClothing has empowered women of all body shapes to realize their fantasy in our one-of-a-kind Renaissance, Wiccan, Viking, Celtic & Boho styles. 

Our Values:

No AI.

HolyClothing champions the magic of human creativity, weaving tales not just with threads but with the very soul of craftsmanship.

Against AI's cold precision, we stand for the warm, imperfect touch of real hands, celebrating every unique stitch and story.

Produce ethically & inspire others to do likewise.

Realizing your Fantasy and being true to yourself is always better. But not at the expense of others. That's why all HolyClothing is Ethically Made with all artisans earning a living wage. 

Size Inclusive.

We honor women of all shapes and sizes, that's why we've made all styles in Small to 5X since Day 1.

Vegan Materials.

All HolyClothing is made from 100% vegan materials including our plant based fabrics, trims and threads.


We support & embrace the diversity of the HolyClothing community. In particular historically oppressed groups such as Wiccans & Pagans as well as the LGBTQ, Indigenous & POC communities.

Slow Fashion.

HolyClothing is timeless & durable. Wear it longer & reduce your footprint. And when you're done, be sure to sell it on our FB Buy & Sell Group.

Less Waste.

All HolyClothing is made to order, meaning there is no over production, no end of year blow outs. We make exactly what our clients want, and nothing else.