About us

Since 2001 HolyClothing has empowered women of all body shapes to realize their fantasy in our one-of-a-kind Renaissance, Wiccan, Viking, Celtic & Boho styles. 

Our Values & Mission:

Do the right thing.

We treat you the way you want to be treated, like a dignified human.

Produce ethically & inspire others to do likewise.

Realizing your Fantasy and being true to yourself is always better. But not at the expense of others. That's why all HolyClothing is Ethically Made with all artisans earning a living wage. 

Make products that last.

We create timeless, durable styles that can be enjoyed for a decade or more. From our fabrics to our embroidery and stitching, HolyClothing is made to last.

Thank you🙏