Demeter Belt

Size Guide
Vintage Gray
Black Midnight
Blue Divine
Burgundy Wine
Green Jade
Purple Passion
Lavender Blue
Deadly Nightshade
Blue Hydrangea
    1. Love the belt from our Demeter dress but want to further accessorize your look with more colors? We’ve released the belt by itself to give your closet more versatility. This version of the Demeter belt is one long, continuous length that will enable the wearer to tie it any way they like without being attached to the Demeter Maxi dress that the original belt is fixed to.

    2. Create a cross-over look suitable for any fantasy character or to give your everyday wear a flash of contrast and style. Loop the belt around your waist and tie at the back for better fighting prowess at LARP! Play with the various ways that a long fabric belt can wrap around your body and over your chosen tunic, dress, or shirt.

    3. Available in a huge range of colors and in a simple style that can be the star of your outfit or the finishing touch. Enjoy this new belt in our popular colors – Vintage Grey, Green Jade, Black Midnight, and Burgundy Wine. Or try one of our other beautiful tones such as Deadly Nightshade and Lavender Blue

    4. About this belt:
    5. Belt only. Does not come with Demeter Maxi dress.
    6. One continuous length.
    7. Available for sizes S to 5XL.
    8. Made from plant-based rayon.
    9. Soft but shape-holding design.
    10. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    11. Ethically handmade in India

    1. Length (longest point) S:  144” | M:  152” | L:  156” | XL/1X:  168” | 2X:  172” | 3X:  180” | 4X:  192” | 5X:  204”