Celestia Petticoat

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Vintage Gray
Black Midnight
White Ivory
    1. Add some flair to the underlayers of your outfit with our beautiful Celestia Petticoat. This flowy underskirt is crafted using textured rayon crepe and has a giant hemline for the perfect bounce. We’re offering the petticoat and overskirt separately, as well as together, to allow for more versatility and choice when adding to your HolyClothing collection! Please note this listing is for the petticoat only. The Celestia Maxi Set is also available separately.

    2. It’s entirely possible to wear the Celestia Petticoat by itself, and it would be the perfect addition to a simplistic and more natural outfit design. For example, it would be easy to create a lovely cottagecore look with Celestia or combine the skirt with any of our bodices for a quick elven princess vibe.

    3. Celestia is so wonderful because it’s light, airy, and has a comfortable cotton cambric lining. You’ll be about to swish around in this skirt all day, dancing through the town square or sitting riverside for a romantic picnic. Adventures can be had everyday and being able to move around is vital if you find yourself hiking any trails in a skirt!

    4. About this petticoat:
    5. Crafted from textured rayon crepe.
    6. Please note this listing is for the petticoat only.
    7. Soft cotton cambric lining.
    8. Huge hemline for the best twirling capabilities.
    9. Lots of volume and bounce.
    10. No pockets.
    11. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    12. Ethically handmade in India.

    1. Waist (un-stretched) S/M: 28.5” | L/LX: 34” | 2X/3X: 41" | 4X/5X: 48” Waist (stretched) S/M: 48” | L/LX: 54” | 2X/3X: 62" | 4X/5X: 72”
      Length (Regular) S/M: 38.5” | L/XL: 38.5” | 2X/3X: 38.5” | 4X/5X: 38.5"
      Length (Petite) S/M: 37” | L/XL: 37” | 2X/3X: 37” | 4X/5X: 37"
      Length (Tall) S/M: 40” | L/XL: 40” | 2X/3X: 40” | 4X/5X: 40"
      Hem Circumference S/M: 140” | L/XL: 146” | 2X/3X: 156” | 4X/5X: 168”