Rowan Petticoat

Size Guide
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Black Midnight
White Ivory
    1. The underskirt that accompanies our popular Rowan Maxi Overskirt, the Rowan Petticoat can be purchased separately in various colors to allow you to have a more versatile closet. Your new Rowan Petticoat has the benefit of being a beautifully plain and simple design, which will compliment any other garments that you choose to pair it with.

    2. Change up the look of your original Rowan Maxi set or wear your new Rowan Petticoat by itself. If you do choose to wear the skirt alone, we encourage you to let your imagination and creativity run wild! A skirt like this can be worn under any other skirt to give the top skirt more structure or worn with a chemise top and an overdress for a really cute combination outfit.

    3. Perfect for summer days when it’s too hot for heavy clothing, why not try wearing your favorite crop top with a white Rowan Petticoat and hitting the beach? Let the sound of the waves wash all of your worries away and enjoy the butter-soft feel of a rayon skirt against your skin.

    4. About this petticoat:
    5. Create your unique style with more petticoat color options.
    6. Can be worn alone or under any skirt.
    7. Great for adding structure to dress.
    8. Crafted from plant-based rayon.
    9. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    10. Ethically handmade in India.

    1. Waist (un-stretched) S/M: 26" | L/XL: 30" | 2X/3X: 38" | 4X/5X: 42"
    2. Waist (stretched) S/M: 54" | L/XL: 60" | 2X/3X: 68" | 4X/5X: 88"
    3. Hips S/M: 56" | L/XL: 62" | 2X/3X: 70" | 4X/5X: 90"
    4. Length (Regular) S/M: 38" | L/XL: 38" | 2X/3X: 38" | 4X/5X: 38"
    5. Length (Petite) S/M: 35" | L/XL: 35" | 2X/3X: 35" | 4X/5X: 35"
    6. Length (Tall) S/M: 41" | L/XL: 41" | 2X/3X: 41" | 4X/5X: 41"