Trinity Cloak Limited Edition

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    1. Reveal your true self with our hooded Trinity cloak. The Trinity cloak is the optimal addition to any look that requires a Celtic-inspired touch. The ever-continuing triquetra embroidery design falls down from the tie of the neckline to the bottom hem of the cloak. This stylish addition to the cloak gives it a special touch that works for both historical and fantasy style fits.

      Beyond the embroidery, your new Trinity cloak is elegant enough to change up any outfit without turning an everyday look into something too fancy to wear out into town. Add this cloak to a dress or formal outfit to really make a statement.

      One of the most understated parts of this cloak is the ribbon tie. Gently tied into a knot or bow at your neck, the soft, satin material rests against your skin without causing the irritation that other ties can.

      Keep your hood raised for rituals and dramatic entrances, bring it down to reveal your dagger and pull off a stunning attack from the shadows at your favorite LARP. The Trinity cloak pairs beautifully with our other Trinity items. Together, you have the mix and match potential for a full line of festival outfits

      About this cloak:

    2. Made from breathable rayon fabric, which will help keep the wearer from overheating in a layered outfit.
    3. Huge hem circumference, allowing for more swish as you move.
    4. Arm slits at the front for moveability.
    5. Soft, satin necktie.
    6. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    7. Ethically handmade in India.
  • (Photographed on a Size L dress form)

    1. Length S:  60” | M:  60” | L:  60" | XL/1X:  60" | 2X:  60" | 3X:  60" | 4X:  60" | 5X:  60”
    2. Hem Circumference S:  260” | M:  262” | L:  265" | XL/1X:  276" | 2X:  288" | 3X:  302" | 4X:  310" | 5X:  324"