Dryad Maxi Limited Edition

Size Guide
Size Type
Silver Pewter
Marigold Yellow
Poppy Red
    1. Get lost in elven woodland found just beyond rural towns and villages. Seek out creatures of myth and legend to dance with during long campfire-lit sunsets. Travel well-worn roads that go everywhere and nowhere in this skirt inspired by our long-lived friends.

    2. The Dryad Maxi Skirt is an additional garment that matches another style in our range of romantized clothing: the Elven Summer Dress. By having these two garments, we can offer our fans more options and versatility for their closet. The Dryad Maxi Skirt has a floating belt that is attached on either side of the hips, giving the appearance of a separate accessory on top of an elegant skirt.

    3. Combine the Dryad Maxi Skirt with any style of shirt or blouse to achieve different looks. Don a pair of elf ears or elven ear cuffs, grab your new Elven Summer Skirt, and add a ruffled off-the-shoulder blouse for the ultimate forest elf villager style. Of course, this skirt isn’t just for elves! There’s no reason that you couldn’t dress the garment up for a visit to your local castle ruins or dress it down to prance and dance around your home

    4. About this skirt:
    5. Stylish crêpe overlay that falls over the hips.
    6. Pockets for pretty things and spare change.
    7. Soft V-shaped floating belt.
    8. Pagan-inspired embroidery.
    9. Pockets!
    10. Elasticated back to create the best fit for you.
    11. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    12. Ethically handmade in India.
  • (Photographed on a Size L dress form)

    1. Waist (un-stretched) S/M: 32” | L/XL: 40" | 2X/3X: 46" | 4X/5X: 46”
    2. Waist (stretched) S/M: 52” | L/XL: 62" | 2X/3X: 46" | 4X/5X: 70”
    3. Hips S/M: 62” | L/XL: 72" | 2X/3X: 82" | 4X/5X: 82”
    4. Length (front) S/M: 32” | L/XL: 31.5" | 2X/3X: 31.5" | 4X/5X: 31.5”
    5. Length (rear) S/M: 38” | L/XL: 37.5" | 2X/3X: 37.5" | 4X/5X: 37.5”
    6. Hem Circumference S/M: 114” | L/XL: 125" | 2X/3X: 140" | 4X/5X: 140”