Rowan Maxi Overskirt

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Deadly Nightshade
Black Midnight
Green Jade
Vintage Gray
    1. Archers, at the ready! Maidens, get ready to fight! The Rowan Maxi Overskirt inspires action and style in a unique design that allows the wearer to really customize their look. You can take on any fantasy persona with the Rowan.

      Because of the way the Rowan Maxi Overskirt was designed, any fair lady who wears it can don their inner warrior in mere seconds without changing anything about the skirt. The openings on both sides of the skirt split exactly where the legs would be, making movement in this skirt a thing of beauty.

      Take to the fields, run towards the sunrise as it edges past the hills, and take a moment to feel alive in a skirt that gives you more freedom and more choice of fit and style. Take the Rowan Maxi Overskirt to the next level by pairing it with leggings from your own closet or the accompanying underskirt that is specifically made to wear under the Rowan.

      Style tip: Personalize your Rowan Maxi Overskirt by changing out the lacing for complementary colored ties and consider leaving more of the skirt open by utilizing just the first few eyelets.

    2. About this overskirt:
    3. Overskirt features an elastic back and sides for a better fit.
    4. Petticoat available to purchase separately or in combination with the overskirt.
    5. Lace-up detailing and peak-a-boo split seams for great moveability.
    6. Made from breathable rayon fabric.
    7. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    8. Ethically handmade in India.

    1. Waist Circumference (un-stretched) S/M:  26” | L/XL:  32” | 2X/3X:  38” | 4X/5X:  44”
    2. Waist Circumference (stretched) S/M:  44” | L/XL:  50” | 2X/3X:  58” | 4X/5X:  68”
    3. Hips Circumference: S/M:  46” | L/XL:  52” | 2X/3X:  62” | 4X/5X:  70”
    4. Length (Regular) S/M: 36" | L/XL: 36" | 2X/3X: 36" | 4X/5X: 36"
    5. Length (Petite) S/M: 33" | L/XL: 33" | 2X/3X: 33" | 4X/5X: 33"
    6. Length (Tall) S/M: 39" | L/XL: 39" | 2X/3X: 39" | 4X/5X: 39"
    7. Hem Circumference: S/M:  104” | L/XL:  110” | 2X/3X:  130” | 4X/5X:  144”