Rayon Fabric

Size Guide
Black Midnight
Blue Divine
Burgundy Wine
Green Jade
Purple Passion
Sage Green
Brown Chocolate
Sapphire Blue
Ruby Red
Forest Green
Purple Fuchsia
Lavender Blue
    1. Prepare to unleash your creativity! HolyClothing is thrilled to offer yardage of their distinctive 100% rayon/viscose plain fabric.
    2. High-quality textiles are the foundation of flawless results: this is the same basic fabric used to craft the majority of HolyClothing's exclusive and unique line of garments, including 100% of our Tesha Top.
    3. Fabric is sold in 4 yard (365 cm or 144") lengths, under size 'small'.
    4. Width is fixed at 52" (132 cm).
    5. Order quantity (Qty) of 1 and you'll receive 4 yards of the selected color.
    6. Fabric is hand-dyed in delicious hues of the HolyClothing palette, this soft-draping and 'breathable' textile is ideal for garment, accessory, home décor and fine craft projects: the only limit is your imagination!
    7. Like all HolyClothing garments, this fabric is hand-dyed using traditional techniques for superior color richness and vibrancy; best practice is to launder appropriately prior to cutting or sewing.
    8. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    9. Ethically handmade in India.
    1. Width 52” (132 cm)
    2. Length 144" (365 cm)