Our Fave Stories of Late

Magical moments & keeping it positive ✌️ are more important than ever Graham.

Isolde & Trinity

Julianna Rathbun-Denish: Life is complete when you have a bestie who loves HolyClothing just as much as you do. Sarah is in Isolde and I am in the Trinity Maxi over Huntress.


Samantha Hope Matuschak: Tried on 2 of my dresses today took pictures. I live on SSI and I wanted to feel pretty again I used to have such pretty clothing (lost everything after being homeless for 2 years). I finally have a wardrobe I can wear and love again thanks to thrifting and of course HolyClothing.

I'm 5'5 350 pounds and the regular sizing fits me good (everything 5XL)
Thank you HolyClothing!

Shop Eowyn

Iris Lawton: I wore my new Eowyn dress for Xmas day this year! I should have gone up a size, but I still love it dearly. I can’t wait to order more dresses in the future!

Shop Selene

@itsquinne: Ordered the Selene Maxi in custom sea glass before they discontinued the color. I'm 5'5" but the petite sizes seem to be best on me. No hemming needed for this one!
I love how the lining is short, so the skirt is sheer. I feel like a mermaid witch