Imbolc Hearth & House Purification Ritual

There's no better way (especially in these challenging times) to bring positivity into the home than our Hearth & Home Purification Ritual.

Here's how we keep our home 🏠 positive, HC style ✌️🕯

You will need:

  • A bowl of water.
  • 1 candle 🕯
  • Rosemary (essential oil or dried rosemary).
  • Smudge Stick (sweetgrass or sage/lavender).


  1. Give your house/condo a loving cleaning from top to bottom. Pay particular attention to the kitchen, or modern day hearth, if you don't have a working fireplace. As you wipe away the dust and cobwebs, you'll start feeling lighter and more positive about the days and months to come.
  2. Extra points if you use natural cleaners ✌️
  3. Be sure to give extra love to any magical or ritual objects your house might contain.
  4. Crack a window if it's not too cold outside 😉 to feel the purity of the spring scented air.
  5. When you're ready, light the candle 🕯
  6. Add three drops of rosemary to the water and say an inner prayer, one that is thankful for purification, of your choosing.
  7. Place the holy water in front of the 🕯
  8. Light the smudge stick and waft it into every corner of your house.
  9. Open your doors and windows as much as possible and feel the negative energies dissipating and the positive ones entering.
  10. Leave the candle to burn out on its own, completing the purification ritual 🙏