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Sizing Questions:

Garment Care:

Garment Questions:

Ordering and Payment:

Sizing Questions:

Q. Will this garment fit me?
A. You will find two sets of measurements on our product pages, both of which will help you select the proper sized garment.

To determine the right size to order:

Step 1. Match your body measurements to our Size Chart. This will give you a good idea of the size to choose. If you are between sizes, order the larger size.

Step 2. Check the Garment Measurements (on the product page) to make sure the length is right for you.


Garment Care:

Q. Should I wash my new HolyClothing garment before wearing?
A. Yes, we strongly recommend that you wash your new HolyClothing garment before wearing as there may be dyeing residues (from the vintage wash process) still in the fabric.

Q. How should I wash my HolyClothing garment?

  • Wash separately inside out on delicate in cold water.
  • Hang to dry.
  • Do not use dryer.
  • Iron inside out.


    Garment Questions:

    Q. Can I color match separate garments that I buy from HolyClothing?
    A. One of the qualities making HolyClothing garments unique is that they are hand dyed using a vintage wash process that gives the garments a wonderful depth, contrast and personality all their own.

    Since we hand dye our garments in small batches, the shades may vary from batch to batch. Therefore we cannot guarantee that every garment will be identical in shade.

    Q. What sort of dyeing is used in HolyClothing garments?
    A. All of our garments are Hand-Dyed using a Vintage-Wash process which gives the garments a wonderful depth, contrast and personality all their own.

    Q. What sort of fabric is used in HolyClothing garments?
    A. Most HolyClothing garments are made from butter-soft 100% natural Rayon, which is similar in feel to cotton but is actually softer than cotton - with a tighter weave that is more durable for embroidering. It has many of the qualities of cotton but is cooler, accepts deeper dyes and drapes better.

    The rayon fibers are finished in the following weaves: plain, jacquard, satin, velvet, chiffon, lace and crepe.

    Q. What sort of stitching is used in HolyClothing garments?
    A. All HolyClothing items are made by us in our own factory - to the highest standards. This means double-stitching, over-locked seams & side stitching on all of our garments. We never cut corners and use the highest quality viscose, velvet, satin, jacquard and laces.

    Q. What is the difference between your two sets of blue, red, green and purple shades?
    A. The darker Blue Divine, Burgundy Wine, Green Jade and Purple Passion are all first dyed black, then the main color on top. This means the embroidery will stand out with a black contrast.

    The brighter Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Forest Green and Purple Fuchsia are single-dyed without the black. With these colors, the embroidery closely matches the color of the rest of the garment.


    Ordering and Payment:

    Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

    A. We accept Visa, Mastercard & PayPal. We do not accept money orders, cash or checks.

    Q. In what currency are your store prices?
    A. All store prices are U.S. Dollars [USD].

    Q. Can bill to and ship to addresses be different?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Do you make special orders?
    A. No.

    Q. Can I change my order?
    A. As our warehouse starts processing orders immediately after they are placed, we are not able to make any changes or cancel orders once they are placed.

    Size Chart




    Bust Waist Hips
    2-4 6-8 4-6 34"-36" 25"-27" 34"-37"
    6-8 10-12 8-10 37"-38" 28"-29" 38"-39"
    10-12 14-16 12-14 39"-41" 30"-32" 40"-41"
    XL & 1X
    14-16 18-20 16-18 42"-44" 33"-37" 42"-47"
    18-20 22-24 20-22 45"-48" 38"-42" 48"-52"
    22-24 26-28 24-26 49"-52" 43"-46" 53"-58"
    26-28 30-32 28-30 53"-56" 47"-52" 59"-62"
    30-32 34-36 32-34 57"-60" 53"-58" 63"-66"