Client Relationship Agent | Home Based |

- Deliver caring, personalized email and messenger based client care.

- Provide outstanding service levels with goal of customers for life.

- Emotionally and personally connect with clients.

- Ability to problem solve on the spot.

- Act with empathy while being able to direct conversation and outcome.

- Intimate knowledge of policies products.

- Customer first. Company second. Self third.

About Us:

Canadian based, Made in India. Since 2001 a vertically integrated, ethical designer, manufacturer and marketer of bohemian and renaissance ladies fashions.

HC Employee code of conduct

We all, as members of HolyClothing Family are committed to the following conduct:

  • Conduct that fosters and maintains teamwork, mutual trust being the basis of all working relationships. 
  • Conduct that communicates clearly, fully and proactively, and that anticipates unforeseen issues.
  • Conduct that puts the customer first, the Company second and the self third.
  • Conduct that considers each garment made, and each customer who wears it as the lifeblood of the Company.
  • Conduct that eschews the short-term quick fix for the long-term solution.
  • Conduct that accepts responsibility, owns issues that come up and that provides ideal, well thought out solutions.
  • Conduct that takes pride of ownership in every action, and that treats company funds or revenue streams as if they were ones own.
  • Conduct that is intelligent, efficient and that reduces complexity.
  • Conduct that strives for the highest quality standards. 

To apply, email your CV to job at