Velvet Rayon Fabric

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Black Midnight
Blue Divine
Burgundy Wine
Green Jade
Purple Passion
Brown Chocolate
Sapphire Blue
Ruby Red
Forest Green
Purple Fuchsia
Lavender Blue
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    1. Prepare to unleash your creativity! HolyClothing is thrilled to offer yardage of their distinctive Velvet 100% rayon/viscose fabric.
    2. High-quality textiles are the foundation of flawless results: this is the same fabric used in many of HolyClothing's exclusive and unique garments, including our Avalon Cloak.
    3. Fabric is sold in 4 yard (365 cm or 144") lengths, under size 'small'.
    4. Width is fixed at 52" (132 cm).
    5. Order quantity (Qty) of 1 and you'll receive 4 yards of the selected color.
    6. Fabric is hand-dyed in delicious hues of the HolyClothing palette, this soft-draping and 'breathable' textile is ideal for garment, accessory, home décor and fine craft projects: the only limit is your imagination!
    7. Like all HolyClothing garments, this fabric is hand-dyed using traditional techniques for superior color richness and vibrancy; best practice is to launder appropriately prior to cutting or sewing.
    8. Exclusive HolyClothing design.
    9. Ethically handmade in India.
    1. Width 52” (132 cm)
    2. Length 144" (365 cm)